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Planning and deciding on any building work can be stressful and complicated. To help customers foresee any problems which may arise this is a "general" overview of how your Application will progress. I say general because no two houses are ever the same.

1.     Initial Consultation, for which there is No Charge.


2.     Property Survey.


3.     Preparation of draft floor plans & elevations for customer's approval.

  • nb. Cheques for Planning and Building Regulations made payable direct to the Local Council are required at this stage.


4.     Alterations added to the plans


5.     Submission of Plans for Council Planning Approval


6.     Design of steel beams by Structural Engineer, if its required.


7.     Technical Data added to plans.


8.     Submission made for Building Regulation Approval.


9.     Invoice for payment on Applications to the Council.


10.   Approved documents delivered to the customer.

At this point you are able to commence construction.

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